Annis Abraham : £33Mill/£8.5Mill/£42.6Mill & £37.5Mill/Plus

” £33Mill/£8.5Mill/£42.6Mill & £37.5Mill/Plus ”

” Money spent just in the last 2 transfers to stay in the Premier League ”

QPR Spent £33 Mill Now Relegated
Burnley Spent £8.5 Mill Now Relegated
Hull City Spent £42.6 Mill At mom 3rd from Bottom.
Newcastle Spent £37.5 Mill At mom 4th from Bottom.
Sunderland Spent £14 Mill At mom 5th From Bottom
Leicester Spent £20.7 Mill At mom 6th from Bottom.
Aston Villa Spent £9.9 Mill At mom 7th from bottom looking safe  :thumbright:

Many clubs spend unbelievable amounts to stay up,then when they are relegated virtually skint,parachute payments just about save them.

Between Malky and Ole, City spent about £65 million  :shock: Bad business from the very top,no control of our finances.