Carl Curtis : Three major mistakes


Since Vincent Tan has been running Cardiff City I believe he has made three major mistakes that have been problematic for him personally or for the good of the club.

The three mistakes :

1. Rebrand
2. Failure to appoint a football man positioned between himself and the manager
3. The timing of the sacking of Malky Mackay

Regarding the first point, the Rebrand, I don’t think any words can be said that have already not been done to death before, it was never a situation that the vast majority of City fans were ever comfortable with and coupled with the failure to turn debt to equity then Vincent Tan, maybe through ignorance or naivety, was never going to have fans onside and started a divide between the club and the fans and even between fans themselves that will, if ever, take years to repair.

I have always believed that since Peter Ridsdale left the club, and no I am not saying Ridsdale should have stayed on, there has been a hole left that has failed to be filled. I really believe that our club needed someone who could question the previous manager on the spending, certain signings and give a more independent view to the owner rather than trusting the manager and his policies wholeheartedly.

I have no doubt, due to the breakdown in trust between the two men that Vincent Tan had to sack Malky Mackay. With that said I still believe in my mind that Malky Mackay was the manager who had the best possible chance of keeping us in the Premier League, Tan should have bit his lip, held on to any information he had, put his personal feelings to one side for a limited time and played happy families to do the right thing for the club in its bid to avoid relegation and carried out the sacking at the end of that season or if we were safe before the end.

They are my opinions and there have been other mistakes but these three are the ones that have been the most damaging to the success of the club.