Annis Abraham : Moaning fans ?

” Moaning Fans? ”


We keep saying that we all moan? I think you will find that football fans across Britain and the World moan.

From Rochdale to Cardiff to Real Madrid, We at some stage all moan or find something to moan about  :lol:

When our clubs are going up,most of the time we all unite,as soon as we just either stay still in the League or start to struggle,fan bases moan, that is a football fan and has been for over a 150 years.

We all want success and we all want it now and in football every year only a few clubs will be successful.

Football fans use football as an escape from our other lives and we let ourselves go and vent our feelings,sometimes its not football we are really venting,it could be our problems at home,work etc  :ayatollah:

So Cardiff Fans, we’re not unique  :lol:  :bluescarf:  :ayatollah:  :bluebird: