Carl Curtis : Ben Turner ?


Is Ben Turner the man to lead the Bluebirds ?

Turner for captain ?

Selling Mark Hudson was a mistake in my opinion and in doing so we lost a natural leader, as much as I rate David Marshall I don’t believe he is the right choice as captain, a club captain as in an ambassador then yes but on the pitch I am old fashioned in that I believe the captain needs to be outfield and leading from there.

Whether or not Turner is a great talker or motivator I don’t know but he is certainly a wear your heart on your sleeve type player, someone who will throw his body on the line to prevent a goal, a player who has shown he will continue to fight to the last minute to defend a goal or even better score one.

Surprisingly he covers ground well and that could be more about timing than pace but I feel a lot easier when I see Turner in the back four.

For me Ben Turner should be a starter in our first team and someone we build the spine of the team around.

What do you think ?