Annis Abraham : How Bradford City are selling thousands of season tickets

” How Bradford City are selling thousands of season tickets ”

Bradford City in the lower divisions just under 12,000 have been sold so far.

Their ground holds 25,000.

Info from Bradford City fans :

The “early bird” offer has actually been reduced to £149 which I believe is the cheapest adult season ticket in the football league, this brings the adult price same as the concessions price which is a fantastic offer. Not to mention we have the flexi season ticket at £50 which will then gain you entry into league home games for £10 on the gate per game (no limit during the season), same seat guaranteed, so that allows some supporters to pick and choose their games.

Also this is something Bradford have been doing for a good few years, offering one of the lowest prices in the country, which is why we have been getting crowds of between 12000-15000 in League 2 and had some massive crowds past 2 seasons in League 1. This current price isn’t a first attempt for us, we have been doing it for almost a decade now. We have the fan base to do the offer, some smaller clubs would struggle as you need to sell those extra tickets to compensate the price reduction.

Cardiff sold under 5,000 so far. Hopefully this drastically improves.

In the last few years weve had 18,500, 22,500 & 16,500 Season ticket holders.
Maybe Vincent Tans Circus has finally taken its toll.