Carl Curtis : Does Welsh success get you excited about City ?

With the good feel factor in full flow around Wales with the results of the national team has this got you anymore excited or looking forward more to next season and supporting Cardiff City?

I was genuinely excited and had a buzz in the lead up to the Belgiam game last Friday and I am not saying I don’t look forward to City games but I was more excited about the Belgian match than I have done in quite some time with City.

There is a nationwide good feeling about Welsh football, so has it got you looking forward to the new domestic league season kicking off ?

With Wales playing at CCS and winning can it help to reignite the passion of City fans towards to the club ?

Is there an opportunity open to the club to interact with the fans and bring the club closer to the fans ?

Pricing perhaps ?

The demand for Belgian tickets was huge, obviously the importance of the game and what could be achieved with a good result but the prices must have helped.

It is fantastic to see and feel proud of the country, I hope we can feel that same level of feeling about the club too.

What are your thoughts, does the success of Wales make you wish City had a game on Saturday or are the two separated because of club and country ?