Annis Abraham : Cardiff City Stadium to be sold in 2017 ? ?

‘ Cardiff City Stadium to be sold in 2017 ? ? ‘

The reason I put the ? is I am not 100% sure and hopefully its not true. May be Keith Morgan can put us straight with this.

Ive been told that in March or May 2007 there was a 10 year clause put on the stadium,that the stadium could not be sold and if the club were to go in to administration,the stadium would then revert straight back to Cardiff City Council.

But in 2017 the stadium can be sold and then rented back to us?

An example,I’m not saying this will happen,but if its true then say Tan could reduce the debt by buying the stadium and then rent it back to the club.
The club would then have very little debt,but could then be sold with a lease on the stadium and would be very saleable.

I know the council put a 20 year covenant on the stadium,but I was wondering why 2017 was mentioned today to me?

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