Annis Abraham : More Cuts at Cardiff City

‘ More Cuts at Cardiff City ‘

For 2 seasons running now Cardiff have had to reduce the stewarding/match day staff,behind the scenes staff. Last season nearly 200 full staff & part-time went and this season nearly another 100.

With the loss of 12,000 Season ticket holders in the last 2 seasons, City have not only had to reduce the playing staff,but also the match day staff.

The latest to go were 10 match day, 50/50 ticket sales staff, who were all told by letter days before Ali the Announcer was also sacked.The 50/50 tickets are no longer available.

City to save money have closed more parts of the ground.

City hope to at least reducing the playing staff by another 5 players in the coming weeks.

Cardiff City are doing their utmost to try and reduce any more losses to the club, Ken Choo, City’s CEO has been given the job to get the club to at least break even.