Annis Abraham : I feel sorry for Russell Slade/But

‘ Feel Sorry for Russell Slade/But ‘

In many ways I do feel Sorry for Russell Slade as he has not been given one penny this Summer in the Transfer market and has been told like last year to sell,sell,sell and even when he has lined up players he has been unable to go through with it.
He’s trying again now this week to bring 2 players in,yet he still needs to offload more players first.

City thought they would get money for Guerra,Le Fondre,Mason,Jones etc and still hope to get £5mill for Marshall.

City fans were told that money would be made available? ? ?

But why I dont completely feel sorry for Slade is,he has publicly said he is happy with the squad he has and he has been backed etc.

My opinion is he has not been backed at all and Slade by saying all that has made a rod for his own back and there for will be the fall guy if we dont at least make top 6 this season as promised.

I will say it again,My strong opinion/feelings are that Tan wants out ASAP and will do what ever it takes to get out of our club with most of his money back. Some people dont like hearing this,but its what I feel/see.

So its a tough job for any manager to manage Cardiff City right at this moment,so get behind the team no matter what this season.

There is a plus side,the squad is strong in my opinion.