Carl Curtis : How Cardiff City lost a talented player

Regan Poole a centre half who was part of Cardiff City’s academy recently signed for Manchester United.

How is it that a youngster is released by City just over a year ago then signs for Man Utd ?

Why did City release him ?

I was told by a cousin of Regan that the reason City let him go was because of ‘him being too small’, and after being released by the Bluebirds academy, Regan had a growth spurt whilst at Newport and got a dream move to Man Utd.

The question being is a player judged on size or ability ?

There are examples throughout the history of football that size is not the deciding factor on whether you make it or not but ability is always key.

Poole is just another example of how Academy’s and City’s in particular have practised this way for a number of years that they look for athletic, big young lads and I believe that is the wrong strategy.