Carl Curtis : Gutted with the result but do we need to learn ?

I felt I was very much in the minority on Saturday, especially with my assessment of our first half performance against Huddersfield, as I said then it weren’t the most attractive football but it was a patient and effective display.

Tonight City played with energy, drive and a purpose to their play, which is what many fans and pundits were calling to see but how many clear cut chances did we create ?

On Saturday in that first half I can recall two clear chances but tonight I don’t recall anything in the whole match except a header by Ameobi near the end that posed very little threat to Alan McGregor in the Hull goal.

Of course I want to see more of the type of play that gets you out of your seat but not to the detriment of the result.

I, and I am sure most would agree, would rather have come away tonight without losing and witnessing a display akin to that of Saturday’s performance than losing and being credited with a better display but no real chances created.

I am not taking anything away from the effort by the players tonight or from the tactics of Rusell Slade but as fans, collectively do we need to be more patient with the transition ?