Annis Abraham : Some City Players have said that Cardiff City Stadium

” Some City Players have said that Cardiff City Stadium ”

I’ve spoken to quite a few players who have played for Cardiff City at the Cardiff City Stadium over the last few years and they’ve all said the same,” Our Stadium virtually welcomes the away players and fans with open arms. ”
Which has resulted in losing the intimidation atmosphere and 100% we are not saying we need violence or threatening behaviour or any sort of trouble to create this.

Personally I put this down to the people who have run our stadium and have gone over the top with segregation, stewarding, putting away fans first and our fans second,to me this has contributed to one of the main reasons are stadium is like a library.

And for me all the talk about getting real atmosphere back will not happen until ends of the ground etc are changed and club officials attitude change big time.

We have one of the best CCTV camera operations in the Uk at our ground and with the type of banning orders that happen nowadays I honestly do not see real trouble ever happening again at our stadium.
Wayne Nash has said to me at first this would cost the club an extra £20,000 a game until we proved there would be hardly any trouble.

It works at many grounds and they have not seen an increase in arrests.

Everyone has their Opinions and that’s my strong belief.