Annis Abraham : Update on David Marshall


Regarding David Marshalls harsh sending off at Rotherham.

The story that has come out.

The Ref never saw the incident, only saw the player telling him Marshall had kicked out,but linesman backed the Rotherham player.
The video does not really show Marshall making much contact, but it does show clearly the Rotherham player holding Marshall back and trying to prevent Marshall from throwing or kicking the ball out.

So really the first card should of been against the Rotherham player.

Marshalls response was wrong as even though he did not make contact,he did lash out with his knee,and did deserve some kind of punishment.

The Penalty,sending off and 3 match ban were well over the top,so City appealed on the grounds it was no where near violent conduct or as bad as first made out by the Rotherham player.

It was put before a mixture of Welsh and an English panel.
What did not help was Russell Slade speaking out in the press against his own player and condemning Marshall.

So City appealed that it was never violent conduct and that Marshall had already been punished enough and on those grounds the ban from a 3 match was reduced to a 2 match.

My opinion Slade should off either backed Marshall or kept his mouth shut and showed some solidarity, perhaps we would of even had a better case then??

I also think some of our fans were way out of order in their reactions against David Marshall.

Now let’s get behind David Marshall and show our support.