Vincent Tan’s court case


By Annis Abraham

Langston v Cardiff City/ Vincent Tan
The case is due to be heard in late January/early February 2016.

The case is for the remaining payment of the settlement of the loan notes which were agreed and signed by Vincent Tan personally.
Payment stopped in January 2015 and almost £16 million had already been paid.
Just over £6 million is still owing.

Every case that has got to court or nearly got to court regarding Tan and City has always resulted in Tan paying out.

This is going to be very interesting as Langston do not appear to be backing down one bit and it was them who brought this case to court and would rather have had just Tans name on the case.

I have strong feelings that Tan will finally settle this as he has already wasted over £1million in legal fees.

Does Tan want to lose anymore money than he needs to?

Personally I just want this finally over as I can see Tan using this in Jan/Feb for the club not going forward and to me this is nonsense.

For the good of Cardiff City this needs to be finally finished.