Leeds United fans on Tuesday night

‘ Leeds United Fans on Tuesday night ‘

By Annis Abraham

I’ve never been a fan of theirs or liked their club for their arrogance.

First of all £35 for Championship football is over priced.

But to be fair to their club, they let two ends of their ground, stand up for the whole of the match,even other sections stood up at different stages.
They have a worse reputation than us, yet their stewards never bothered us in the ground, in fact they just smiled and even laughed at some of our songs, we were allowed bottle tops on our drinks and the food was quality.
We were treated like human beings and left to cheer our team on and watch the match, even if though our football was dire.

Leeds fans sang from just before kick off till after the final whistle. They sang some songs for 10 minute periods and the ground was buzzing,their main singers, about 1,500 were close to us and that to me helped create a good atmosphere.

Remember Leeds had not won at home since last March, off the field their club is in a mess, worse than us, yet their fans are still right behind their team, no matter how bad they’ve been. Their stewards not once told any of their fans sit down or were seen ejecting them.

Our club should seriously start listening to our fans and lets make an atmosphere like them.