Russell Slade’s managers job in doubt ?


NO it’s not.

By Annis Abraham.
Yes Tan contacted Slade after a bad run and a terrible performance and defeat at Leeds, but I’ve been told Slade has Tans full backing this season to continue to be City’s manager as long as we don’t get involved in any relegation battle, which to be fair to Slade that does not look likely.

I am not a Slade fan, but I am a Cardiff City fan and will continue to give the team my full support home and away no matter who the manager is or what ever our results are.

So it does not matter if you, myself, the Media, Dalman or Choo are not Slade fans, Slade is virtually guaranteed to stay this season, so incl. the media let’s concentrate on supporting the team.
It will be interesting in January if Slade is allowed to bring in at least 2 players that he wants, I would like to see him backed on this, because as I’ve said before either back your manager on players or sack him.

Our crowds are very disappointing so far this season, but hopefully if we keep hanging around near the play off position they will increase.