Ambition ? Interest ? Where is it ?


By Annis Abraham
For me/This shows Lack of Interest/Ambition and Shows me we are going nowhere under Vincent Tan and Russell Slade.

No I don’t want to get further in to debt, but if you want to keep the crowds or improve them, you have to show ambition, in some way or another.

Vincent Tan said he would back Slade this Summer and so on, so please can someone tell me where he has?

For me its all lies that Cardiff City fans get told.

All we have done in the last year is loan 14 players out, give quality strikers away and bring 14 players in, where only 2 at most are played on a regular basis.

The football is dire and the fans are voting with their feet by staying away in their thousands.

The atmosphere is awful.

Vincent Tan does not even come to watch the football served up by his own manager.

And what do we do? We sign player after player who is not even good enough to play in our team, which is a fact.

They don’t back Slade, which in my opinion is they don’t believe in him.
So what does all this tell you?

Honest opinions on Tan/Slade and Citys future?