Russell Slade answers tonight to Cardiff City fans

By Tim Wegner

Russell Slade said

Only 12% of the agents fees related to him ( his deals I guess).

Ameobi has got athsma and has had to change his medication since he’s been here to improve it

Dressing room was divided when he came here with lots of well paid players who couldn’t give a damn.

Revell and O’Keefe were signed to be positive influences and it worked. Team spirit is now good.

Club still sailing close to FFP limits (Choo) , to me that means still making big losses

He will need to wheel and deal in Jan but wants a powerful quick winger and a striker.

9 players were ill with a virus last week including Mason, Pilks, Ameobi, John and ( my guess) KD.

Gunnar came off injured last Sat and Jones was knackered for the last 10 Minutes.
By Paul Corky

Russell Slade answering questions, he is a decent man and giving honest answers won’t please everyone of course

It’s a good meeting and interesting. ..people have come down in terrible weather and said what they wanted to say and that’s fair enough and what the evening was all about.

By Tim Hartley ‏

Slade says CCFC are looking at a European striker for January. Hooray! But so are Spurs. Boo! We live in hope.
Russell Slade defends David Marshall as captain but says we need leaders all through.
Slade says a couple of wins and a signing or two in January and a top 6 finish is possible for us, I hope so Russ!