Could Malky Mackay return to South Wales ?


By Carl Curtis

Personally I don’t see it happening at all but over the last couple of days a few jacks have mentioned Malky Mackay’s name, most of them have been saying it in jest, with comments like ‘how funny would it be if Malky took over at Swansea and kept us up !’ and ‘it would be one in the eye for Tan!’

I don’t think that many of their fans would welcome Malky Mackay and I very much doubt Huw Jenkins, who really is Mr Anti-Cardiff himself would seriously consider Malky but football does have a habit of providing moments that you would least expect.

Mackay’s name does appear on the bookies odds with the shortest price at 28’s but even Dave Jones is on there too as well some other wild cards.

For sake of debate, I suppose it could be argued that for Malky himself it would prove to be a job worth taking if the unthinkable did happen, a chance to prove himself and answer his critics on his Premier League credentials after his short stint in the top flight.

As I say I don’t think it is a goer at all but imagine if it did.