You couldn’t make it up

‘ You couldn’t make it up ‘

By Carl Curtis

That was a get out of jail but anyone who was there will surely agree that for the majority of the game we looked excellent.

The ” Slade Out ” and ” Sacked in the morning ” chants were premature to say the least and personally I didn’t agree with those chants either, I was as frustrated and angered by surrendering a two goal lead yet again but we didn’t concede a lead and fall behind and I still believe, like I did on Saturday, that the players must be held responsible for part of the problem.

Let’s face it tonight, and on Saturday, we could have been three or even four goals up before the oppositions scored, that is the way we set up to play but players didn’t take the chances when they came.

But what worries me the most is when players stop doing the basics, not closing down and losing the 50/50’s when the very time we need to be brave, where are the leaders on the pitch to stand up and spur the others on.

Players like Morrison and Gunnarsson should be leading the team when the backs are to the wall.

Slade is not blameless by any stretch but to put all the blame at his door is, in my opinion, unjustified.

Don’t forget how many have celebrated and championed Paul Trollope for the upturn in performances since his arrival, but I dint see his name attributed to our collapses when commanding good leads.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that Slade is unaccountable but fans should at least be consistent in their views. It seems to me that Slade is the easy target when or if it goes wrong but does not get any credit for the good that we do, that is quite sad.

I thought the substitution of Tony Watt, at 2-0, was the correct decision. We have a game in 3 days, a striker still striving towards full fitness and worked tirelessly this evening and was in my opinion man of the match, but he had done his job and I am assuming the decision was made to at least try and have him fully ready for Birmingham on Friday evening.

Not so long ago, fans including myself were calling for City to be more attacking, to score from open play, provide entertainment, how people expect us to achieve greatness in just a few games beggars belief.

With the squad we have I believe we should be challenging for the play offs at the very least, but in Russell Slade I never had the confidence we had the manager to deliver, so to be fair he has us challenging for the play off positions and that has exceeded my expectations under Slade so far, so try and at least get behind the team and support them and not turn on a manager during the game when there is so much at stake.

I wish I could have focuses on all the positives about us tonight, and I really wish the victory had been far more comfortable, but despite everything that happened on the pitch this evening, I feel more frustrated at the chants from the stands.

In the first half the Canton Stand called for Slade to do the ayatollah, in the second half ‘Slade Out’ chants and boos rang around the ground, then just five minutes later and the booing stopped, and the supporters cheered the team on the final whistle.

You couldn’t make this stuff up !