Russell Slade /His Problem?

‘ Russell Slade /His Problem? ‘

My opinion/view

By Annis Abraham

Slade was and still is surrounded by Quality players and his problem is, he does not know what to do with these player,how to handle them, wary of quality players after spending all his career with lower division players.

Slade says when he came to City well over a year ago the squad was unfit,so he reckons he sorted that out.

Sade got rid of what some say were big time charlies and problem players.

Slade has brought in 15 of his own players, yet hardly ever plays most of them and only Peltier is guaranteed to start of Slades players.

Slade can’t make up his mind on players like Manga and Fabio?
Slade has not given all the squad a chance?

Slade has No plan B?

Sade gets outwitted by many managers?

Your Opinions Please :thumbright: What is Slades problem as a manager?