The problems with our pitch


By Annis Abraham


The weather is no worse than in Swansea but the Liberty doesn’t have these problems. The only time there is problems there is when the Ospreys play the day before the Swans and it doesn’t allow enough time for the remedial work to take place.


The Liberty houses more matches than CCS with both the Swans and the Ospreys playing there

Pre Season Wales Games

No excuse the Liberty also houses concerts in the summer and from 12/6 to 1/8 there was still 6 or 7 weeks to relay the pitch.

My understanding is that we are using the same hybrid grass and lighting system as the Liberty and the idea is that these give summer growing systems in the winter. It is like having green house conditions on the pitch. Using this system the grass re grows in 4 days.

Maybe the lights are not being used enough or the underground heating system is not being used enough. Possibly there is not enough groundstaff due to cut backs It is clearly cost cutting that is affecting it.