By Carl Curtis
Russell Slade is being continually abused during games by supporters from behind the dug outs at Cardiff City Stadium.

I am not saying that the manager, or any manager for that matter, is beyond criticism but does hearing ‘ f**k Off Slade ‘, ‘ You don’t know what you’re doing ‘ and ‘ You’re f*cking useless ‘ do any favours at all to the manager when he is trying to win a football match ?

If we were getting beat, or losing heavily, then maybe you can understand, though not agree, with fans frustrations but when this was happening on Saturday just gone I really can’t get my head around it.

The ironic thing is that our stewards are criticised, and rightly so in many situations, for the way they act towards our fans for menial things like looking at away supporters or God forbid they may stand up during the game but fans can abuse the manager in close proximity of his position and nothing seems to be done.

I wonder what would happen if a fan shouted such vitriol at Vincent Tan or board members sat in the directors box, I think I know the answer but why isn’t the manager afforded the same treatment ?

As I say, no manager, owner or player is beyond criticism in my eyes but some of the treatment and abuse Slade gets is ridiculous in my opinion.