Cardiff City fans are fuming tonight

Cardiff City fans are fuming tonight

By Ned Thomas

Enough is enough for Russell Slade for me.

That performance really got to me tonight. I travelled over as I always do when I can. It means I won’t get back to nearly midnight. And this is what I got to see. All I wanted to do was hurl abuse at the manager.

I have not seen this sort of reaction towards Russell Slade before, the reaction inside the stadium spoke volumes.

Fans were shouting “you don’t know what you’re doing”, booing him and the team several times and a lot of people in the Grandstand were shouting a lot of stuff at him as he walked down the tunnel.

I am distraught and upset by not the result, but the way our team played and our manager’s ludicrous ways.

I know I am not the only one who feels like this tonight, there was overwhelming evidence of that in the stadium.