By Annis Abraham

I was there last night at Hull City, where our players never turned up. There was more action in Russell Slade walking across the pitch at the end to clap our 100 plus Diehard City fans than the whole team put together during the match.

Our players have lost heart,desire and will to fight on the pitch, I can see it and virtually every City fan can see that incl Dalman and Ken Choo.

Russell Slade also shook every players hands as they left the field,yet you would of thought he would of been fuming with them? ? ?

I was told this morning, Slade really did think that was his last match,but once again he has been given Vincent Tans backing to turn it around at Wolves away and Rotherham home, these two games really is his last stand.

I am also led to believe strongly that Slade has lost most of the Cardiff City dressing room and much of its to do with playing half the team out of position etc and his non exciting football.

Tans advisers at the club and saying to him enough is enough.

Cardiff City do not have anyone lined up to immediately replace Slade, so Paul Trollope would take over for the time being.