By Annis Abraham

When Vincent Tan took over our club Cardiff City,it was said on numerous occasions that “Cardiff City would be run more professionally and on a safe and sound financially footing.” These were the words of Vincent and his CEO’S.

Tan also stated he would leave this club in a better postion and we would never have to worry again,our debt under Tan went from £28million to £140million 😮 😯

We have had 6 CEO’S under Vincent Tan and still they and Tan could not run our club proffesionally.

Vincent Tan, Ken Choo and Dalman would of known this was coming for ages,yet we were told that our manager would be backed and our club was going in the right direction,in my opinion all lies.

We have had more than 5 years of nothing but a circus, which has not only broken our club, its divided it,stolen its soul,had its identity removed and we are the laughing stock once again in football with a Transfer Embargo.

Season tickets are down by 13,000 in the last 2 years,crowds at an all time low in this new stadium and now this,this will hurt season ticket sales even more.

Many of us could see all this coming,but were told by others move on,Tan runs it more professionally and we want his money,before,Pride and Passion, it makes me sick 👿 👿

Surely Nobody can support or back Vincent Tan now?

Cardiff City: Transfer embargo handed to Championship club


15th Jan 2016

Cardiff City have been placed under a transfer embargo by the Football League following a breach of Financial Fair Play rules.
The Bluebirds become the fourth Championship club currently under a transfer embargo, joining Bolton, Fulham and Nottingham Forest.

The embargo will be in place for the rest of the January transfer window.

Cardiff say they “have complied with the FFP requirements for season 2014-15 – contrary to the League’s position.”
A Bluebirds statement added: “As such, further advice will be sought, prior to a decision being made internally as to whether or not an appeal will be lodged.”

BBC Wales Sport understands the breach relates to Cardiff’s debts but chairman Mehmet Dalman said: “It’s a technical interpretation of a specific clause that we seem to be differing with and we’ll continue to argue that point.”
The club’s statement added: “Whilst extremely disappointed that the Football League has decided to take this action, we will remain co-operative and compliant with the League’s position in respect of FFP.