Mehmet Dalman Says NO/ Ken Choo Says NO, But Vincent Tan Says YES

‘ Mehmet Dalman Says NO/ Ken Choo Says NO, But Vincent Tan Says YES’

By Annis Abraham

For months everyones known what Dalman/Choo think about Slade,they’ve said it on the terraces at away games and in the last week gone publicly in the media that they don’t support or back him and so its a NO, they don’t want him to stay.

I have never been a Russell Slade fan,but time and time again he comes up with the unexpected results or performances when least expected,like away at Wolves,which for me was outstanding, but in the long run do I want him to stay? the answer is NO. The majority of Slades games have been,poor,dire and with no passion.

Personally I believe its wrong what was said last week in the media by Slades bosses,as it undermines the manager.
Should he stay now till May?

YES in my opinion he has earned the right to stay,with NO money and no backing Slade has kept Cardiff City in top half of the Championship all season and knocking on the door of the play-offs even if the majority of the football has been dire.

If Tan had sacked Slade, I could only see another yes man coming in or Trollope and Young managing 😮

I was told today Vincent Tan has spoken to Russell Slade and told him his job his def safe and he will remain the manager of Cardiff City till at least this May when his contract runs out. So its a YES from Tan to Slade your job is safe.

So thats the end of that, any more rumours or crap from the media, Russell Slade is here till May.
So City fans now lets get on with Supporting our team to the end of the season,like we did at Wolves and don’t forget you can get tickets at £5 & £10 for this Saturdays home game v Rotherham.