By Carl Curtis

The only surprise in today’s selection was that Russell Slade didn’t welcome Lee Peltier back into the line up, the other ten starters were exactly as I thought Slade would go with.

Those asking questions why Immers didn’t start today after scoring last week at Huddersfield, the answer is simple, Immers didn’t play well last week and his goal was a gift that he couldn’t miss, also his replacement Tom Lawrence was a serious contender for man of the match this afternoon.

Regarding the game it was typical of what Cardiff City have been all season, inconsistent!

The first half, and yes the conditions were awful but City did very little that could be considered as a threat to MK Dons.

City have rarely put in a ninety minute performance all season, the one exception I can think of is the Wolves away performance just a few weeks ago, it feels like we take a few steps forward then a couple back.

We are inconsistent over ninety minutes and inconsistent from match to match, there has been a number of times that we return at home and are hopeful, maybe even expectant, of a win but we just can’t take the opportunity to plug the gap between ourselves and the play offs.

What frustrates me more than anything is dropping ten points against two teams who are threatened by relegation, both Rotherham and MK Dons have beaten us at their grounds and both have taken points from Cardiff City Stadium.

Those ten points dropped against just these two teams underline the frustration we have watching City.

All is not lost, with Ipswich losing at QPR, the gap could have been 7 points between us and the Tractor Boys but we are not making life any easier on ourselves.

We go to Charlton next week in search of a third away win on the trot and it is quite remarkable that we are looking for improvements in our home form, Slade has struggled on the road but looks like he is changing that stat but at home they can’t give the fans the wins we hope for.

I still believe this side can make the play offs but we must start winning back to back games and be more consistent than we have been all season.

It’s a tough ask but it can be done, we have the quality in our squad to do it.