No more excuses Cardiff City fans please

‘ No more excuses Cardiff City fans please ‘

By Carl Curtis

Like myself, there were many City fans calling for Vincent Tan to turn the debt into equity, today’s announcement hasn’t made the club debt free overnight but it has gone a lot further than many expected.

We knew there was an announcement coming, and debt to equity was what we expected but I didn’t think it would be at the level that it has been stated will be converted.

The debt to equity is happening, the rebrand has been reversed (should never have happened in the first place) and we are now back in blue, the bluebird is the prominent symbol on our badge and the debt to the club has fallen dramatically based on today’s news.

Now surely that means that those who have called for Tan to turn his debt into equity will return and support the team.

I don’t expect nor predict that we will have crowds of 27,000+ like we did a couple of seasons ago, as we are not playing the Man Utd’s and Liverpool’s of this world but surely 18,000+ fans is a realistic attendance we can expect to see supporting the team at home games.

One by one the reasons fans have given as to why they don’t attend are being dealt with and whether or not fans like the manager the fact is we ARE challenging for the play offs.

So why not get behind the team and give them the support that they need to see where it takes us.

The debt to equity issue has been a major factor that many fans, including myself, have been negative towards Vincent Tan and his running of the club but today’s news should be welcomed as a positive.

Is 18,000+ fans realistic for a Capital City club challenging for promotion to the biggest league of all, I think it is, do you ?