Those Praising & Shouting for Vincent Tan Again

‘ Those Praising & Shouting for Vincent Tan Again ‘

By Annis Abraham

Just so you know,the ones shouting for Tan on here,loudly are the minority,because if they were right, We would not have lost 12,500 season ticket holders in less than than 2 years and barely 10,000 in actual attendance on Saturday.
Our home crowds most week are now in the bottom 2 or 3 and our away support in the bottom 5 of the Championship and that really hurts to see.

As to the Debt :

When Sam Hammam left the debt was £30 million with assets worth more than that, when the Peter Ridsdale left it was about £63million, then during the Tan reign of 6 years the debt got between £150mill to £160mill including destroying the soul of our club and its fan base.

Four and a half years ago Tan said the club would be run on a better financial footing, today he has announced that he is swapping debt to equity but it will be ten years into his reign as owner before the club is debt free, only then will I be happy.

We have a fan base smashed to pieces, which whatever way some will turn it, the facts are there when you go to home and away games following City.

We’ve been lied to for years upon years and false promises by too many chairman/owners, the fans have had enough.


We got told to move on when we never accepted the Rebrand, yet 95% of them who said it don’t hardly go now, you could not make it up.

That’s my last word on the matter.

Where have our fans gone and why? This needs addressing ASAP.
We are knocking on the door of the play-offs.