How bad it really has got Cardiff City’s

‘How bad it really has got Cardiff City’s’

By Annis Abraham

‘ How bad it really has got Cardiff City’s Away Support over the last 7 years ‘

In the last 7 years Cardiff City have been very successful on the pitch including never being in a relegation battle during their Championship Years,Wembley appearances,run away Championship Winners and a season in the Premier League and this season chasing a play-off place for the Premier League.

Yet City’s away support has dropped dramatically from an average of 1,409 in the 2009-10 Championship season to just an average of 632 this current Championship season(2015-16) 😯

Also nowadays there are no restrictions for Cardiff City fans.

Cardiff City’s Average Away Support in the last 7 years

2009-10 season 1,409 Average
2010-11 season 1,427 Average
2011-12 season 1,152 Average
2012-13 season 1,213 Average Champions But Rebranded
2013-14 season 1,812 Average Premier League season
2014-15 season 847 Average.

Championship and half way through back to Blue
2015-16 season 632 Average.

Also most Clubs visiting Cardiff now bring more away fans than in the past.

What in your opinion has really gone wrong as one thing City were always known for was their brilliant away support?