By Carl Curtis


I think it is safe to say that many Cardiff City fans are content with how the Bluebirds have done so far this season, I believe most didn’t think that after 7 months into the campaign we would be challenging for a top 6 place.

The club’s heirarchy have been consistent in stating they believe a top six finish is achievable and to date there is a good possibility that it could happen.

I believed that within the squad we had at the start of the season there was a team among it that could achieve top six but being honest I didn’t think that Russell Slade was the manager to deliver, so far Slade is certainly proving me wrong and many others too.

I have friends who believe that the squad is and always has been a top two squad, personally I don’t believe that.

So my question is, what does, or did our squad need to be a top two challenging team?

Personally I think up front is where we needed strengthening, certainly at least a striker with pace, physical presence and a proven goal scorer at this level or higher.

I am not saying the club should have spent money or being critical because I agree with the ‘business decisions’ to bring the wage bill down to a more sustainable level.

But I am interested in the responses I hope this thread gets to see where others think we needed strengthening, if indeed at all ?

Looking at performances over the course of the season, I see no real issue with our defence or midfield but up front is where we have lacked in several games and if this was able to be addressed earlier then we may very well have been challenging for automatic promotion, that is taking nothing away from what we have achieved so far though as I didn’t think we would being do as well as we have as I said earlier.