Cardiff City Fans / But and a Big But

‘ Cardiff City Fans / But and a Big But ‘

By Annis Abraham

At Bristol City last Saturday as I said yesterday our fans were the best they’ve been for 2 years, they showed real passion,togetherness and backed the manager and team for 90 minutes.

Last night against Leeds United, City fans once again cheered on their team and thousands stayed to the final whistle to give the Cardiff players a standing ovation for the teams effort and never say die attitude. We are all in this together.

BUT, a crowd of barely 15,000 against Leeds United( who brought a 1,000),first you could not get a bigger name opposition in the Championship, second Cardiff and its surrounding areas is one of the biggest populated places in the UK, third we had one of the best home records in the Championship and fourth we are knocking on the play off doors.

Surely our club deserves bigger support than this?
There were no excuses and it was pay on the night.

Last nights crowd was 11,000 less than our biggest in the Championship last season.

I really hope some how if we get back to the Premier League those glory hunters have to pay at least double what the diehard Cardiff fan pays.