Latest News on Russell Slade/The Future?

” Latest News on Russell Slade/The Future? ”

By Annis Abraham

Russell Slades been the manager of Cardiff City for Aporox 18 months.
Slades contract runs out this May.

It is believed amongst the staff that Slade intends to meet Vincent Tan as soon as the season is over and even if we have made the play offs or not, Slade would like another contract and be given the chance to try for promotion in the 2016-17 season.

Slade feels the the last 18 months has really been about reducing the squad size and reducing the wages and at the same time keep Cardiff City in the Championship etc.
Slade has operated with virtually no money to spend.

Slade has also finally won a lot of City fans over and I think he finally feels welcome.

There are people with in the board who still want him gone, so will they have any influence on Vincent Tans decision?

Slade feels the last few months he’s finally been able to solely concentrate on the football side.
Would you give Russell Slade another season?