A successful Russell Slade ?

‘ A successful Russell Slade ? ‘

By Carl Curtis


Two questions based on if Russell Slade is successful.

Obviously it depends on what is perceived as success.

Personally I think Russell Slade can be deemed as successful with what he has achieved so far and with nine games to go, it looks like we will finish in or just short of the play offs.


If Cardiff City finish in the play offs and lose out on promotion, or finish just outside the play offs, do you believe Russell Slade has earned the opportunity to be rewarded with a new contract next season to manage Cardiff City in the Championship ?


This is the big question for me, if Russell Slade delivers the ultimate goal by managing the team and winning the play offs, should Russell Slade have the opportunity to manage in the big time and be offered a new contract to manage Cardiff City in the Premier League next season ?
It will be interesting to see what fan’s views are on both scenario’s as it looks very likely that one of the above questions will be a situation the club will find itself in come May.

Hopefully it will be question two that needs addressing but in my opinion the manager can consider this season to be successful if he just failed to make the play offs, given the restrictions he has worked under this year.