By Carl Curtis

I have just returned from the club, I had a chat with Ken Choo, Jamie De Cruz (Media) and Mona from the Ticket Office.


Ken Choo was as friendly and chatty as normal and was particularly excited to tell me about a new promotion the club are doing right now as a reward for anyone buying season tickets.

If you renew or buy as a new season ticket holder before April 1st then you will receive two free tickets to the Derby match.

If you have already purchased your season tickets you can claim your two free tickets by contacting the club.


There will be pay on the gate tomorrow at Reading, there will be no family tickets as previously advertised and the cost of paying on the gate will be slightly higher, basically £2 more than the ticket price that you can buy from our ticket office.

Our ticket office is open until 5.30pm this afternoon to purchase at the best price.

Overnight we went from 900 to 1,500 tickets sold for the fixture.

So we will have over 1,500 Bluebirds in the away end tomorrow at the Madjeski Stadium.


I also chatted with Jamie De Cruz who was looking for an opinion on the Big Flags that will be seen for the first time against Derby County.

There are two large flags, one being used in the USW Canton Stand and the other in the Family Stand.

I gave my opinion that the large flags would be better in the Canton Stand and give the kids paper clappers to bang in the Family Stand.

The club will be introducing a loyalty scheme which will be done through the ticket office, I was given no information on how the loyalty scheme will work but only that it will reward loyalty.

I offered a suggestion, that through the database, why not look at those people who travel to every away match and offer them as a thank you an opportunity to sit in the directors box at a home game if they so wish.

Just an idea to any thank you.

The response was excellent to the idea and that it will be discussed as an option.


With the rebrand and negativity disappearing it is obvious that the club is trying to reconnect with the fans and are trying to do that, I was told that they do try and listen to the fans, and admitted that yes they do read the forum and take on board ideas.

It was said to me that the club thought I would be pleased with the £49 anywhere in the ground for an U16 with a full paying adult as it was pushed massively as an idea to help with season tickets.

So they are reading and listening and taking on ideas from fans.