Cardiff From All Time Lows This Season to a New Record This Saturday?

” Cardiff From All Time Lows This Season to a New Record This Saturday? ”

All in one Season.

By Annis Abraham
This Saturday could see a new record attendance for a Cardiff City match in the Cardiff City Stadium, the current capacity is 33,500 and now with City opening the upper Ninian Stand and City giving over 15,000 Free tickets away, City could achieve a new record attendance, Russell Slade and the players have been out this week giving Free tickets away in the City Centre of Cardiff.

This is great news as early in the season Cardiff were getting all time low crowds in the Cardiff City stadium,with crowds as low as 12,279 for Championship football.
These are the biggest crowds City have had so far this season.

Cardiff City v Ipswich 15,175
Cardiff City v Leeds 15,273
Cardiff City v Preston 15,566

City have also had crowds as lowest as this for Championship Football this season Cardiff City v Brentford 12,279.

Cardiff to open Upper Ninian Stand for Derby County game

Cardiff City are set to bring their £12million upper Ninian stand back into use for this weekend’s showdown with Derby County because of the huge demand for tickets.

The Bluebirds are hoping the crowd could even hit 30,000 which would be a new record for Cardiff City in the stadium.

Below Facts on Cardiff’s crowds this season and other Championship clubs

Thanks to Gary aka Castleblue (figures put out early this month)

On just average attendance figures Cardiff City stand in 18th position (14,471), Bolton are in 17th position (14,963) and Bristol City 16th (15,178). Derby have the highest average 29,481 and there is no surprise there are they are normally in the top two or three but Brighton are currently down 2,300 on attendances from a couple of season despite spending most of the season in the top 2.

Middlesbrough are up on attendances from previous season but still only average 23,605 which is not far above the 22,998 we averaged at home the season we won the Championship. We all know that our attendance figures are down on where we have been since we moved into the CCS but there is a direct link between the loss of 8,000 ST holders and the drop in average attendances.