By Annis Abraham

Surely now those that have doubted Russell Slade,even those that have made the excuse that they won’t go and watch Cardiff City because of Slade and the football that has been played in the last 18months,can now actually give the man some praise?

I remember going to away matches early this season and asking where are all our fans? and being told they won’t return whilst Slade is manager,I thought then,what a feeble excuse,well that excuse can now go out the window as they say.

The players are playing for him and lets be fair we don’t get scandalous stories coming out about our players like we have under previous managers,we just hear that players are fighting for their places.

As Ive said many times before I was never a Slade fan,Ive even told that to Slade himself,but as this season progressed he slowly won me over and in fact I’ve actually started to believe he might go even further and shock football by taking our club up,who knows?

All I can say is Slade has surpassed anything I thought we would do this season under him. We have one of the best home records in English football,always been knocking on the door of the play-offs and on big occasions like yesterday against a multi £million Derby County team,City swept them aside.

So now theres no more excuses for Cardiff City fans,we have three remaining home fixtures left, which could see us make the play-offs, solets get at least 20,000 for everyone of them :ayatollah: :bluebird:

16/04/2016 15:00 Cardiff City v Queens Park Rangers
23/04/2016 15:00 Cardiff City v Bolton Wanderers
07/05/2016 12:30 Cardiff City v Birmingham City