So Did Cardiff City Do right?

‘ So Did Cardiff City Do right? ‘

By Annis Abraham

I was reading in one of my topics what Championship clubs had spent this season and you could say that if you speculate, you accumilate and by that that I mean if you want to progress in the Championship and get to the Premier League where a prize of up to £180million awaits you,you have to outlay some money and reap the rewards and of course its not just about spending money,the right manager has to be in place to spend it and manage the team.

As everyone knows,City had got themselves in the last 4-5 years in to a debt of over £140mill down to their over spending and failing to run the club properly in my opinion.
So the main priority was to reduce the debt and to be fair,it has come down to about £60mill-£80mill depending on what you read. So we have now been running our club more like a business behind the scenes.

But then you look at what the rewards would of been, if we had spent some money on say a striker,the rewards would of cleared our debt and left money in the clubs bank account and a club with sellout out crowds of 33,500,with merchandise hitting the £millions.

So City look like they will prob start next season in the Championship and with cheap season ticket sales already hitting around 10,000 sales,the crowds will be prob just above this current seasons,depending on what we do in the transfer market this summer?

Heres the list of what clubs have approx spent and where they are currently in the Championship.

Championship Approx Spending 2015/2016

1st – Burnley – £19.28m
2nd – Middlesbrough – £23.85m
3rd – Brighton – £10.09m
4th – Hull – £7.09m
5th – Derby – £25.55m
6th – Sheffield Wednesday – £10.17m
7th – Cardiff – £0
8th – Ipswich – £384k
9th – Birmingham City – £2.28m
‘ So the big questions are, did Cardiff City do right this season?

Should we have spent money?
Did we have the right manager?
Was the squad good enough?

Your Opinions/Views?