By Annis Abraham

Would they have?

As everyone knows we need at least four wins from our remaining five league games to make the play-offs.

If say Malky Mackay or Dave Jones had this current squad and needed those four wins, do you think either of them in the same position would achieve it?

My personal opinion Yes Malky Mackay would,as he knew how to grind out results, even if it was not the best football, our defence would be solid and we would scrape one nil wins. Malky in the Championship was also very consistent as his record proves that.

As to Dave Jones, Hmmmmm?
Jones would go on a good run, but if things went wrong, Jones would struggle to get out of it and in his six years we did play good football, but he was always a nearly man.

By the way I believe this current squad is good enough to make the play-offs if the right manager had been in place.

But well done to Slade for getting us further than I ever thought he would.

Final question, Do you want Russell Slade to be Cardiff’s manager next season?