Lethargic, dull and uninspired

” Lethargic, dull and uninspired ”

By David Smith


Cardiff City today

Hard to believe watching that game that we are supposed to be challenging for the play-offs.

Not one shot on goal in a first half that was almost as bad as some of the appalling home performances at the end of last season.

No inspiration, no desire to win the game – it was extremely surprising to see the team so lethargic and apparently just “going through the motions”. No motivation or inspiration from the players on the pitch or the manager off it.

No doubt there will still be some come on here this evening believing that, despite all the evidence to the contrary, we can win all of the next four games but today really looked like the players did not have the belief that they could make it to the play-offs.

Not sure why Gunnar came on at the end – was it just for the possibility of him launching a long throw or two in the hope that something might fall for us in the box?

5 points dropped from two games that should really have been won if we were serious about the play-offs tells it’s own story unfortunately.