By Annis Abraham

I admitted I was never a Slade fan from the begining,but this season,Slade had started to win me over and I was prepared to give him a chance next season.
But when you can’t beat clubs like Reading,Fulham,QPR and Brentford who have nothing to play for,this does not inspire me at all.

Under Slade we can’t even beat sides like MK Dons and Rotherham.

At the moment City have sold over 10,000 season tickets for 2016-17 season at cheap prices and a price freeze.
I don’t see this hitting 18,000 sales, what the club thought they would get, if Slade stays at Cardiff City for next season.

Plus Slade has brought in approx 17 players and yet only about 4 players play week in week out.

Slade also fails to inspire the South Wales footballing public.

He also never takes the blame for bad results or bad performances.

If Slade does get the job again,of course I will back Cardiff City as usual as they are my club.

It will be interesting to see if Tan trust Slade with money? ? ?

Give him till May and then lets start a fresh.