The last straw

” The last straw. ”

By John Shed

I know what you may think, but hear me out. Cardiff City have Bolton Saturday, already relegated and Sheffield Wednesday have Derby. Win ours and lose theirs that puts 3 points between us and a massive goal difference that can be massively reduced if we beat them the following week.

We still have a huge chance, very little straws to grip i know, but it’s there.

All these Slade out comments are ridiculous with three games left and all to play for. There are people posting after last night that haven’t been near here for weeks! Where have they been?

The 500 odd of us that were there last night applauded the team on last night, sung and cheered throughout the game and applauded the team off at the end as well as singing Slades name. I bet half the Slade out posters on here didn’t even go last night. The last 5 minutes i was bouncing on the front rail in the terrace it was exciting!

Let’s make our decision in three weeks WHEN THE SEASON HAS FINISHED, not now when we still have it all to play for.

We need complete support for the team and the staff till the bitter end.

I said at the start of the season i believe we will finish in the top 6, and have not waivered on that. If we do finish 7th i will have been wrong.
How many of you said relegation battle or mid table mediocrity? Does this mean this season has been a success?

Sheffield will pull a Cardiff and Cardiff will pull a blackpool.