By Annis Abraham

Regarding Neil Warnock,just maybe becoming Cardiff City’s next manager for next season.
Well its becoming much more than just a rumour as not only does it interest Warnock, but it also interests other members of the Cardiff City board and lower,now its all about whether Vincent Tan is interested?

Warnock would grab the chance of becoming the next Cardiff City manager and I for one would be delighted.
Plus there is more than a chance, as Russell Slade will have No say at all regarding the first team at Cardiff City next season.

Ive spoken to quite a few people in the media and they also say Warnock would jump at the chance :ayatollah:

About 10 days ago I wrote this article

Neil Warnock was asked last week if Cardiff City interested him, he said ” Of course, I would not rule it out, they are a big club with plenty of potential and I’ve always had a soft spot for them”
“I will be managing in the Championship for a club next season,who knows which one? ”

Warnock has just done a remarkable job for penniless Rotherham this season and against all odds kept them in the Championship.

Warnock had agreed to only take the Rotherham job till the end of the season.

Apparently, if you write one of these pieces about who might manage a Championship club next season, ancient by-laws dictate you must include Neil Warnock.

And why not? The old-campaigner has just about done it all and seen it when it comes to the English second-tier and is fresh from somehow masterminding the safety of Rotherham this term.

Warnock loves Cardiff, he sees the supporters as kindred spirits in a way. He knows his way up for sure, but one fatal problem remains.

Let me explain, Vincent Tan: ‘Neil, can our goalkeepers start shooting more?’ Warnock: ‘No.’ Next!