Exclusive update : Cardiff City manager

‘ Exclusive update : Cardiff City manager ‘

By Carl Curtis


Direct information.

Craig Bellamy will not be interviewed for the Cardiff City’s managers job, he is not in the running for the job and never has been since Russell Slade’s departure was announced.

Neither is Neil Warnock.

Both are not seen as managers who could get along with Vincent Tan in such a capacity of being the manager of Cardiff City.

James Rowberry has not been offered the job. The story reported by Wales Online is wide of the mark and Rowberry has not even been spoken to by the club about the vacant managers position.

The man that Vincent Tan wants as manager is Paul Trollope, that is his preferred choice and he has been interviewed.

Trollope is interested in the position and he has put forward measures he would like to see happen before he commits himself.

There are other candidates who are being interviewed but you can certainly scratch off the names of Bellamy, Warnock and Rowberry.

Russell Slade will not have an input into team affairs, Slade will report to Vincent Tan with his observations but will not have any involvement at how the team is coached or managed, the new manager will report directly to Ken Choo and Mehmet Dalman.