Russell Slade Finally Leaving Cardiff City

‘ Russell Slade Finally Leaving Cardiff City ‘

By Annis Abraham

Because in my opinion, this makes him a free agent to take over at Charlton or even Blackburn Rovers where he has also been interviewed .

It means no problems between say Charlton or Cardiff City and Slade will leave our club on a good note :ayatollah: :ayatollah:

The word is that he has done a deal with Charlton Athletic which is where his house (not far from) is and where most of his friends and contacts in football are,plus League One suits him and you never know,Slade could lead them to promotion next season.

If Slade had stayed at Cardiff City he would off had No say in any of the football decisions,for me that would of belittled him.

To be fair to Russell Slade he did the job he was asked to by Vincent Tan and had even won me over at one point.

He did a fair job for us fans and had taken the club as far as he could,so its best for us and him.