By Annis Abraham

I was just in Cardiff Airport flying back to Mallorca

As soon as you entered Cardiff Airport there was police on the right and left and then before you go through passport control, then in the lounge area there were a further 6 football police.

A few were Cardiff City football spotters but none of the usual names.

I then looked up at the departures screen and saw that the Paris Flight was the next flight out.

There were about 20 odd Cardiff fans getting on it to go to the Euros, all very well behaved,I knew most of them.

Also Ive since been told at the Channel Tunnel there were police spotters looking out for fans with banning orders.

Surely if all the passports have been taken in, there is No need for so many police?
Plus if they had this many police monitoring the ports for illegal immigrants coming in,the people in Britain would not be now calling for us to leave the EU.

The Government in my opinion have got it all wrong,

And by the way I voted by postal vote to leave the EU.