By Carl Curtis


Out in a bar in Majorca with Annis and there is a group of older Leeds fans in here.

We get talking to them, as football fans do, and their hatred of Cardiff City is incredible considering how big Leeds Utd have been and what clubs they have come across in their years.

One of the Leeds fans said that he hates Cardiff only behind one other club, Man Utd, though he did say Man Utd 1st team, Man Utd reserves and Man Utd U18’s.

Another one said you are in the top three of our most hated, behind Man Utd and Chelsea.

One actually said he hates us as much as Man Utd.

They took the mick a bit saying how good their away support is, claiming they had the biggest away support of last season, beating every team across all four divisions and ridiculed our support at Leeds whenever we go there.

They genuinely believe that Leeds have their best manager since David O’Leary, they believe they have the best players they have had since O’Leary and they believe that they will get promoted with Monk this season.

I disagreed with them.

Their hatred of Cardiff City all comes from ‘that game’, I have always believed we beat them in the FA Cup and the downfall of Leeds Utd began.

One said we would never talk to a Cardiff fan but the fact he has got to know Annis over the years he said I will make an exception.

Annis did say that’s why everyone hates Leeds because you got no respect for anyone bar yourselves.