‘ BRUNO MANGA Hmmmmmm? ‘

By Annis Abraham

Cardiff City’s Bruno Manga’s lapse is costly once again against QPR this time.

Much talk over the summer has been about Bruno Manga being the subject of a big money bid from the Premier League and was the same during the whole of last season.

For me personally I see a lot of quality in him, but virtually every match Manga makes minor to costly mistakes,even against Brum last week he nearly scored an own goal. Last season many times Manga gave the ball away or was beaten, maybe this is why no top club have even offered money for him?

Manga cost City about £3.5mill,plus was wages up to £30,000 a week and with Cardiff wanting around £4mill-£5mill for him,why would they take that chance? when at Championship level,he makes to many mistakes.

Unfortunately Bruno Manga proved against QPR why no such bid is likely to come, at least not one that would force Cardiff into selling. While he has plenty of talent and when he is on the top of his game he can look a class act, his concentration remains a major problem and the foul on Polter to make it easy for QPR in the end was a frustrating example.

City won’t get their money back on Manga and in my opinion he’s here to stay,no matter how much we tried to offload him.

Good enough for the Championship :thumbright:

Top-flight clubs are unlikely to pay top dollar for someone who has a habit of making such errors.