Blackburn Boss Owain Coyle on Cardiff City

‘ Blackburn Boss Owain Coyle on Cardiff City ‘

Cardiff City face Blackburn Rovers at home tomorrow night,who are rooted at the bottom of the Championship having scored one goal and conceeded seven goals.

Coyle on Cardiff City

Here’s what the Blackburn boss has had to say

The key is to give ourselves an opportunity in the game,

What we are doing is we are shooting ourselves in the foot and playing catch-up.

So we have to give ourselves a chance to go and get a platform to build on and see where that takes you, because I’m convinced that with the players we have that can score goals, if we get that foothold in the game we can go and win.

But it seems that every individual error we are making has been heavily punished and that can happen at the level that we play. So we have to eradicate those individual errors and give ourselves a platform to go and win some games.